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Thursday, March 9, 2017

No trades today

I came down with a tremendous sinus infection yesterday and I took some meds last night to kill the infection but it didn't sit well on my stomach.  Anyway, I spent the night in the bathroom puking my guts out, (second time in a week) and was totally exhausted this morning. It's 4:30PM and I'm just now starting to feel a wee bit better. My head feels like its gonna explode. I have a history of these sinus infections but this is the worst one I've ever had. I might not trade tomorrow either depending on how I feel. I started a different antibiotic today and hopefully it will kick in tonight and take some of the pressure off.

So cheers for now.


  1. Replies
    1. thanks...I feel better today....not to much but at least the horrible pressure has let up a bit.

  2. pussy, get some of that holistic crap - hot water (w/apple cider vinegar + ginger + garlic). Polish off with brandy. Get with it.

    1. I'm willing to try...but I couldn't find any recipes have one?

    2. that's her...already gave you one. its potent as fuck. also low sodium beef broth with coconut fat (high quality cold pressed stuff, not the refined crap).

      Let your body heal from the inside, the answer to everything is slowly straving yuor body from glycogen (ALL carbs)...including fruits and crap

      but it only works if your give her enough High-Q ketone building material (MCT oils, lots of CLA and the right mix of O3)

      then supplement it with hot water, lime, garlic, ginger.

      bullet proof

    3. I was looking for actual amounts to consume per day but I made my own concoction. Warm peppermint tea, coconut oil, ACV, fresh ground ginger, some grated garlic (yuck) along with three tablespoons of raw uncooked honey (which I love anyway). I like it so far. I also tried using some lime juice in my neti pot. I saw it on Youtube using pure lime juice but that seemed extreme and potentially dangerous so I diluted it with warm saline. So far so good. We will see tomorrow how I feel.


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