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Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Better still

Traded one lot today as it was chopping around and buyers kept coming in and I just didn't like that. I had a 2-3 break evens as I was pretty jumpy around the lack of conviction for the shorts but eventually it did break loose and I had a bit left in the tank and took a decent profit but left it well short of my ultimate target.

Lots of money left on the table today but the gap got closed a bit more.

EDIT: Price just printed my ultimate target. Just to poke me in the eye a little bit.


  1. Keep either 15M or 30M around you AFTER you enter the trade.

    I tend to get tunnel vision of the shorter TF After I enter the trade, if I keep the larger in mind always, easier to be more patient

    1. I will. The temptation will be to keep flipping back and forth between the lower and higher time frames while the trade is in progress. I think I just need to walk away. It almost always works better that way.


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