Keep Calm and Don't Move Your Stops.....

A little risk management saves a lot of fan cleaning!

The Purpose of Life is Joy!!

Friday, September 13, 2019

One and done

Yesterday, 3 and out. Today, 1 and done.

I couldnt see bigger targets but 30 ticks is enough for me. Should have added but entry point was further along in the trend on the shorter time frames than I liked for added risk so left it alone.

I traded every day this week, one loser day and 4 winning days. A new equity high for me I think and going into the weekend on a high note. Roll over next week so probably wont trade that day at all. Maybe not at all until the volume is clearly higher on the new contract.

Time to go. The weather is beautiful here in sunny AZ so time to enjoy it. Its been a super humid summer which we are not used to so having the dry cool mornings right now is such a wonderful thing. I'm back to trading outside again with my laptop and my iPad. I have to say its my favorite way to trade!

Thursday, September 12, 2019

3 and out

Twice at the first level and once at the second one. All stops....and I ran out of time and ideas.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Another quick hit

I like shorts and I cannot lie!

Seriously, it does seem like I am better to the short side but my intention is to just follow the momentum based on how price is moving. Thats what I did today. 

I realize that many times I am short and the overall trend is up but I trade smaller time frames and I am ok with being counter trend as long as my time frame is short. Other times I recognize the over all trend is long and I am long. Those are the moments when I want to be large and hold longer if possible. Slowly starting to realize the difference. Sheesh.

I think price will end up in the 57.30 area today but I am done for the day. Lots to do.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Quick hit

I wanted to be long today but couldn't really build a case. Turns out there was one but I couldn't see it. But there was a case for a short off a daily high double top after a long run up and that felt good to me even though it is counter trend on the higher time frames.

In these situations, best to be quick and both in and out.

A quick 30 tick hit short and flip long for another 10 or so ticks and time to hit the showers and get ready for the "real" job.

Short in the red, out at the green. Back in at the green because by now I had a clearer picture of where the longs were but no real longer term exit in mind. Only in it for ten as it was just a scalp. There was more of course, but I couldn't see it and it was at the open as well.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

No stops

Well after all this time, I finally decided to stop using stops.....or at least a tight one. Things work so much better if you allow the trade room to breath. To be fair, I still have a disaster stop but its so big it feels like no stop.

Its only been a few days and I'm a bit jumpy with it and that bit me in the ass today but overall it is very freeing.

Lets see how it plays out going forward.