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Thursday, July 23, 2020

A little something...+1.5%

Mortgage business has been CRAZY last few months not to mention covid-19...been trading a bit here and there. A couple of weeks ago I started looking at other markets besides crude. I did this because CL has been lazy after all the volatility at the beginning of covid and I need faster moving markets or I get bored and that is death for my account!!

I looked at gold, es, a couple of currencies and finally settled on NQ. I like the way it moves quickly at least so far, price per tick is only $5 which helps me control risk a bit better than CL and it tends to respect levels a bit better than CL or at least that is my perception.

Have done fairly well with it so far and at least for now, will stick with it.

I had a full blown computer crash a couple of weeks ago as well and did not have time to replace for a few days so I grabbed a 5 year old laptop from my daughters room she wasn't using, went through all kinds of Microsoft updates to get it ready and for the moment I am trading from that with a 27 inch monitor. It works but its a bit slow.

I made a quick video today using Jing which was also upgraded. I don't think this machine can handle much more in the way of video software so no embedded video today! The audio is awful as I just used the old laptop's mic and I was speaking pretty softly.

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