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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

.50%....+1.17% for the week

Lots of distractions today. Phone calls, in and out of the house for various things, etc....missed the sell off completely and scalped a bit out near the bottom....since it was basically a counter trend day on the 5M chart, I didn't get any real set ups I liked enough to put on multiple lots so just scalping with singles today on a much lower time frame to take advantage of the swings in the 5M....pretty ugly actually, NOT the way I want or like to trade at all. But it is a green day and that is good. Probably done for the week although Friday might be decent. Not trading at all tomorrow as it is inventory day and I can easily lose 1% or more on those days. I finally made the decision to not trade at all on inventory days.

Gotta go wash the car. It rained yesterday and its a mess.....