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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


In the context of the side hustle idea, I've limited my trading to around 90 minutes a day and I am going to work towards reducing that to one hour per day if possible. I am thinking probably not because I've noticed at least lately, the best opportunities are coming around the 7:30AM mark and that puts me right at 90 minutes from when I normally get to the charts. 

But for today, two trades with .5% each puts me at +1.0% for the day and I risked about .125% each time. Not to bad. Second trade had a lot more in it of course but I needed to be done right as that trade was finishing up. 

Chart today is from I am away from my trading machine and working on another side project I took on this week. I got bored with that so decided to do my blog post today. I rather like the platform. I understand you can trade from it now through a couple different brokers. Maybe I will open an account with them at some point. I like the idea of browser based charting and trading. I don't need lightening fast execution so a browser platform might be ok. That's down the road a fair piece for now though. I don't need it so no need to really pursue it right now.