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Tuesday, February 7, 2017


I overslept this morning. Seems like a trend is developing on that front. The last few weeks my sleeping patterns have been slowing changing and I think its due to me not being sleepy any longer at my normal 9PM bed time. It's very strange, for the last 3-4 years, if I'm not in bed at 9, I've gotten physically nauseous and virtually useless. Now I almost feel like a teenager again with more energy at 9PM than I do at 3PM. Its a bit disconcerting. But this week I am working on being in bed at 9 and just try to regain that rhythm I seem to have lost.

So in oversleeping, I missed the first short opportunity but I got another shot at it a bit later on. I sold 52.65 and added to it at 52.57 a couple of bars later.

Covered the whole thing at 2RR on the first position for a total RR of 2.23. This effectively doubled my daily goal today which I like very much.

I thought after looking at the daily this morning price might make it to 52.21 as I think there are buyers at that level. Currently price is in that area and it does look like some buyers have come in but to early to tell if it will be the turning point or not.

Overall, a good morning with good patience and good execution. I'd say a very successful day!

Time to hit the books.