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Sunday, August 13, 2017

weekly update

This was an interesting week from a variety of standpoints. I finished up 4% after friday's trading, no charts as I didn't take any pics. However I learned a few things about myself and my trading which I noted in the blog and won't repeat here and a ton of other stuff happened as well.

My wife had a minor wrist surgery on Thursday.

I had an eye doc appointment on Friday morning.

My daughter made the high school cheer squad as a freshman (but I think everyone that tied out made it as well so not sure if this is a big deal or not) Still, she's both nervous and excited.

I had a fairly major angina attack. It hurt like heck and lasted for about 3 hours and I didn't have any nitro with me. Not fun at all.

My total weight loss for the 30 days I've been doing intermittent fasting as of this morning is 13.2 pounds. Last week I had 2 cheat days where I had a small coke and yesterday I had two pieces of pizza with maybe three swallows of coke to wash it down. I still lost a total of 2 pounds last week bringing my 30 day total to 13.2

I'm not keto yet. I never tried actually although I think I will at some point, but I have gotten rid of 99.9% of the sugar or at least extra sugar, 99.9% of the bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, etc along with reducing my portion size to probably half of what I used to eat.

I feel TONS better already, the brain fog is gone, my low blood sugar issue is no longer an issue, I can fast for 16-17 hours without unpleasant side affects ( not true the first 3-4 days) I have more energy that is sustained throughout the day. Frankly I am stunned at how well this has worked with almost no effort on my part. And to top it all off, last week I actually had the desire to work out. I have intellectually made the decision to work out in the past but I never wanted to but this week I wanted to and so I did. Of course I regretted it almost instantly as it was not easy but just like anything else, it will get easier as time goes by. I have no intention of becoming Mr Olympia, I just want to be healthy and fit again.

This feels sustainable unlike anything else I've ever done and that is what I was ultimately looking for, easy sustainability.

On a different note, I am looking for a new laptop. I want a 13 inch ultra book with a very small footprint and very lightweight and I'm having a terrible time deciding between machines. Anyone with any experience that would share with me? Just email me your ideas or suggestions. use the form at the side of the blog. It will go straight to me.

Ok, time to move on to other things this morning. Cheers.