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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Another evening trade

This one took a while but it worked....

I just bought the level. It was a bit late considering the structure below where I got in but the risk was low and I felt it would go there without causing me much grief.


Using a one minute chart at the inflection points, I was able to scalp for about 25 ticks today....after commissions its more like 20...even though its a successful day in terms of dollars, in terms of execution its a fail.

I was pretty certain about the direction today and I had a target on the daily chart for possible targets. I did get in at the correct place but it started sideways for quite a long time....eventually I just took a decent profit and said screw it....whereupon it started down again. I was pissed so walked away for about 10 minutes and started scalping again....this netted a pretty decent dollar reward but the easy trade was sell and hold which I did not do.

So happy to have made a nice profit trading pretty large size for me but I never risked more than about 6 ticks so sizing up was relatively easy today.