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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Nickels and dimes

Picking up nickels and dimes are better than nothing. No time to sit around and wait for the trend short and I got a decent counter trend scalp out of it today.

A new equity high for me today. This is new territory for me. I have been in the digging out phase for so long it became natural for me but now, I sometimes think about how high can I go and I get nervous with that kind of thinking.

I see how my own hubris as well as other traders I follow sometimes experience violent draw down when they start winning and thinking they are invincible. I know I am not but after many new equity highs in a short period, that kind of stupidity sets in.

I like very much how Sandy trades for a few weeks and then takes a few weeks off. It prevents in part, a long period of thinking you are the superman of trading.

This year, I think I will trade until early December and then take a month off and come back early January. That is two months from now and seems like a reasonable target. If things go off track before then, I will stop trading for the year.