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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

-1.05%....-1.77% for the year.

An incredible day for making money. Something is definitely wrong with they way I am seeing things. Seems I am always on the wrong side of the market lately. Fighting the tape. I missed a fantastic short early on by being a bit greedy in terms of where I wanted the entry. I even marked the entry level before the market reached that level but at the last minute, I thought I saw a better location a bit higher up and so I moved my limit order there only to see it collapse to my target area.

I was short just prior to the number, it took me out BE and as you know, collapsed hard to the lows of the day. After that, I lost all perspective and got hit for a 1% loss. This is the worst loss I've had in a long time in terms of absolute dollars.

I think I might be thinking to much AFTER I find my levels. Over thinking leads to over trading and that is what happened today.

Not sure about trading tomorrow, I might need to take a day or so to clear my head. It isn't the loss, it's how it occurred that disturbs me.

Till next time.