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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Another day watching

Spent the morning watching price action. I didn't even open my charts. I watched the delayed feed on tradingview to avoid all temptation.

It was a brilliant day to trade crude oil. A single directional move beginning in the pre-market. There was some back and forth later on but the intent was always short. Price respected the levels quite nicely. It seems to do this when I'm not trading. The market makers must know I am on the sidelines or something.

But honestly, it felt good to just sit and watch. No pressure, no need to make lots of decisions. Just watch and monitor price. I suspect that's how I need to feel with money on the line....easier said than done.

Tomorrow I think I will dip my toe back into the water....see what the market offers tomorrow. I am watching 49.21 as a possible end to the short movement. At least temporarily.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.