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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Clear and Certain

These words from Tony Robbins really sank in...but they were simply reinforcement of the work I've been doing with regard to meditation, visualization and functioning properly in the universe.

Basically Tony drilled me with the truth that you cannot have something unless you are 110% crystal clear on what you want but more importantly the WHY you want something. Parallel to this is the true key to the whole equation. Emotion. The why establishes the reason but the it means nothing if there is no emotion attached to the successful outcome.

What I stated I wanted was more patience to be able to wait for the trade and then to wait for it to pay off.

What I really wanted was the financial freedom successful trading brings with it. Oh wait, there's more beyond that. The real truth is I want the security financial freedom brings and I want to provide the best life I can for my family. That is the real underlying reason for needing patience. Oh and I wouldn't mind a some first class travel!

Tying emotion to it reveals internal fortitude I didn't know I had. Of course no trading Monday, Tuesday I didn't have time to trade and yesterday was my daughter's 8th grade graduation so I didn't didn't trade either. So today was my first trading day this week.

Today's trading was completely different than anything I have experienced before. Nothing changed about the trading method but I did not experience the monkey brain at all today. In fact, I felt calm, collected and totally focused. I knew exactly what I wanted to see before I engaged in a trade. I saw what I wanted 5 times. Two ended in break even, one ended in a 1RR loss, one ended in a 1RR winner and one ended in a 2RR winner.

The trading was pretty boring which is exactly what I know its supposed to be. I am both pleased about today's trading and looking forward to tomorrows.