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The Purpose of Life is Joy!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Narrow range for a while, stepped down in time frame to find a set up near the bottom of the range. Bought 54.72, Exited at 54.92. No heat and nice steady progression toward the target zone. I thought about holding to 55.00 but just decided to take my 2RR and be done for the day. 55.00 was the high so far but no worries.

Three weeks left to go in this last math class and my college career will be over, so far I'm holding an 80.62%. Unless I completely blow it, there is zero chance I fail so at this point, it looks as though I will be the first person (at 48 years old) to graduate from college in my family!! While I probably don't need it, it can't hurt and I'm really doing it for my daughter to show her the value to determination and perseverance in life. She's cheering me on at this point and giving me a high five every time I get a decent score on a quiz or a test.

Speaking of math class, time to hit the books.