Keep Calm and Don't Move Your Stops.....

A little risk management saves a lot of fan cleaning!

The Purpose of Life is Joy!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

+.50%+ .50% for 1.0% on the day.

One trade this morning well before the open. Bought 53.04.....Small risk, less than .125% exited for a nice .50% gain.

I will wait around for the open and see what happens but I'll be gone shortly thereafter.

Today was a case of waiting for smaller risk. Opportunities presented prior to this but risk was greater. Just have patience and sure enough, the right trade with smaller risk showed up. Before I would have tried to take the first opportunity with the higher risk and try to use a fixed stop not appropriate for the risk. That almost always got stopped out. Now, just wait. It pays off.



Another opportunity presented itself just before the open with minimal risk. It wasn't super clean in terms of how the trade progressed but it worked out ok in the  end. Was almost stopped out, missed me by two ticks but ended with another .50% and that makes me happy. Bought 53.10 and exited at +.50%.

Went took a shower, did my morning exercise routine, grabbed some food, came back and edited the blog post and now ready to hit the books for the day. Should be exciting!!! NOT.