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The Purpose of Life is Joy!!

Monday, December 19, 2016


The pic tells the story....but essentially I wanted to try to end the year on at least a break even note. Almost there...might trade tomorrow as well. I'm about 2RR away from it at this point.....I'm not going to push it though, I've seen what happens when I and others push to make a certain goal by a certain deadline. That usually ends in draw down. So more caution is in order....nothing fancy, just wait for the right areas and only trade if the conditions warrant it.

I finished my mortgage license continuing education yesterday, took the test and passed with flying colors. Now its time to renew the license. Will do that sometime this week once the CE company notifies the state of AZ. Now I have one last class to finish for my degree but it doesn't start until Jan 17th so I have nearly a month off from the books.

Doctors appointment in an hour and I need some food.