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Friday, April 28, 2017


Another death by a thousand cuts. This week I hit a new equity high in my account. I am grateful for that. Then yesterday and today, it seemed as though I couldn't do anything right and gave back 60 total ticks off that equity high. When this happens, I know I have probably started doing something new and perhaps haven't realized it yet. I thought about this today after I was done and I came up with a couple of ideas.

1. Last week I started trading size. Suddenly I had clarity and focus about where I wanted to initiate a trade. This week I went back to 1 and 2 lots trades and I know for certain I have had a sense of devil may with regard to risk. This is an account killer. Trading a one lot makes me feel like "oh well, its just one lot, I can afford to gamble a bit here" which leads to chasing, over trading and other bad habits.

2. I'm certain I had a feeling of invincibility after last weeks near heroic efforts. A god complex in any situation is deadly. Today I no longer have anything remotely resembling a god complex. Humble pie tastes like chicken if you eat enough of it.

3. I was far more impatient these last couple of days for some reason. I didn't want to wait for a set up nor did I want to wait for a pay off although I did actually wait a long time for several of the trades to work out. But there was plenty of instances where I closed a trade way to soon because it did not instantly start working in my favor only to have them eventually work out.

4. I normally wait for some kind of confirmation. This usually means a bar that has closed in my favor after reaching a support or resistance area. I've been comfortable with the risk this confirmation entails. However, lately, I've been wanting to get in earlier so I have been going in with limit orders exactly at the levels I wanted. I have gotten run over A LOT doing this. The confirmation trade normally has some momentum behind it where the limit order usually has momentum against it. A famous trader once said something like, limit orders guarantee you get filled on 100% of the losers and perhaps only 50% of the winners. I found this to be true this week. Several times I had limit orders resting at specific levels only to see price print those levels and not fill my order only to see that trade work out. But 100% of the losers were filled. I may need to reassess my use of this kind of order entry.

5. Another thing is my use of the modified Ichimoku indicator. Its a crutch just like anything else, however, I did have my best week ever using this indicator last week. I will review my use of it this weekend in light of this weeks results. However, I don't think it was the indicator. I think it was in part my use of it combined with all the other items listed above. However, should I elect to continue using it and I probably will, I will have a written plan regarding its use before resuming trading again.

6. I also started using the 1 minute time frame due to the very narrow ranges we've seen over the last few weeks. Once it opened up just a little, I kept using this. I'm not sure if this is an issue or not but I remember listening to a vendor one time talking about using smaller time frames and small tick charts. He said "be sure not to get sucked into the tick chart vortex. Keep the big picture in mind". He was trying to drive home the point of only using the tick chart as an entry tool at or near the big picture levels. Perhaps I should try that as well!!

With near 100% certainty, I think items 1, 2 and 3 above are responsible for 95% of the poor results over the last two days. With a bit more patience, some of the limit order trades would have worked out better thereby lessening the impact of the limit in losers. I would need to do a detailed analysis of this to make sure and perhaps I will but without overcoming 1,2 and 3, the analysis will only confirm what I already think I know.

On an entirely different note, I had what I think is called a lucid dream last night. It was extremely vivid, I knew I was dreaming, I had control over certain aspects of the dream or at least my responses to certain external inputs, I experienced the emotions and feelings with incredible intensity and I remembered nearly every detail when I awoke. Parts of the dream were quite dramatic and were fear inducing. I told my wife I've never felt fear like that. It was a physical thing and yet when I woke up from the dream, I was calm and fearless even though my body's response to the fear was typical. I was sweating like crazy.

I have no idea what that was all about but it was the strangest thing that has happened to me in a long long time.

I have a weekend with nearly nothing to do for once in a long time. I plan on using it to review my trading in detail, come up with some conclusions and make course corrections. If any of this is worth sharing, I will post it next week.


Thursday, April 27, 2017


Today was a day of overthinking and not following the process. If you want to watch the video, you can click settings and under the "speed" setting choose 1.5 or 2X normal speed. This will speed up the narration so you don't have to take so long to listen to it but still get the story.

On a side note, the San Diego County Sheriffs department recovered my stolen vehicle. Now we begin the long process of recovery. I had to visit the DMV today to get a duplicate registration and license plate for it as the thieves threw all that away. Turns out they used my vehicle in the commission of several other crimes and the sheriff department recovered our car while they were solving those crimes. I figured that car was long gone south of the border.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

I had a dream

I'm not Martin Luther but last night I had a dream. This dream was incredibly real and specific. In the early morning hours, I had a dream about today's trading. In the dream, I knew for certain that today would be a long day. I also dreamed that we would take out yesterday's lows and bounce up from there during inventory and the inventory would cause a parabolic spike up.

Oddly enough, the picture in my mind of the way the chart looked after the stop run at the bottom looked like YESTERDAYS price action. Of course the inventory spike lower did not happen. But the parabolic spike up did. There was a spike lower that took out the current day low. I did not recognize this as what happened in the dream and therefore I did not trade it long. In fact, I was short prior to the spike lower which ended in BE.

Before you start thinking I am losing my mind, I did not trade or attempt to trade based on this dream. I'm just reporting what happened and making and observation about it. Was there a trading opportunity based on this dream? Yes there was but even if I recognized the little spike lower as the one in the dream, I would not have traded it. That is completely outside the rational mind and any reason to take a trade. I just find it interesting that perhaps the subconscious might actually play a role in our day to day activities to the point of attempting to forecast the future. On the other hand, it could be that I knew it was inventory day and my brain has seen so many of these stop run whipsaw events that it projected one into the future. Not a bad bet actually. It didn't happen today but it sure could have.

I traded primarily off the one minute chart today based on 15M and 5M directional charts. It was a bit choppy but I ended up +1.5RR by fading the spike up. I did this twice after an earlier failed short. The two successful shorts made up the loss and gave me enough for a small profit.

I would have liked to be in the parabolic spike up but there was no way to get in prior to the number without taking significant risk and no way to get in after without the same issue. So just have to let it go.

Today represents a new equity high for me. It feels good and I think I shall celebrate with a coffee!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Scratch day.

Small risk, larger size full stop out + Large risk, small size, full target = scratch day.

Ok so it totally sucked today. Lots of sideways stuff. Stop runs in the oddest places, no stop runs where it looked like it there should be one.

I think I'm reasonably lucky to be out of the trading with no real damage.

As they say we get paid to wait.

Monday, April 24, 2017


Over the weekend, I decided to just trade this week. No sense in not pressing while I am winning. But I did decide to reduce size for a few days just in case though.

On another note, last Monday I implemented a daily program of positive affirmations regarding a few items I wanted to change in my life. This experiment was done in conjunction with my brother and we agreed to compare notes in one week.

The results of this test were remarkable.

I lost 2 pounds without any change in diet (we will see if this continues, probably just coincidence.) I experienced significant increased levels of energy, significantly better trading results, reduced anxiety regarding the future, etc.

I also made a donation to a YouTuber whose content I particularly enjoyed. Something I have never done in the past!

The long and short is this: I tried to do everything from a position of joy and happiness vs a position of worry, anger or fear. I have to say, this prior week has been one of the best I've had in a long time and its not just because of the great trading results. It's just a better way to live.

My brother reported similar results. Of course his positive affirmations were  different than mine and about different things but he to reported increased energy, less pain in a shoulder/wrist due to carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.

This week we intend to repeat the experiment and we will for another 2 weeks after this for a total of 4 weeks. Then we plan to look at the overall results and determine what to change, add to or subtract from this little foray into the metaphysical. Its been interesting so far and I'm looking forward to what comes next.

Trading was simple and straightforward this morning. Tiny loss offset by a 3RR win. I'd do this every day of the week and be happy.

Time to run. I have an MRI of my head this morning as part of the annual follow up process to the brain surgery I had a couple years ago. I really dislike this machine. I'm only inside it for 20 minutes but they put some sort of plastic device on me to hold my head perfectly still and that combined with the narrow confines of the MRI tube gives me the creeps so I have to take a mild sedative this morning before I go to allow me to get through the procedure. Good vibes and thoughts my way if you please!

Cheers and here's to choosing joy and happiness....may your day be filled with them!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Lifestyle changes

In my epic 39 minute rant on the video I posted earlier today, I forgot to mention I've made a rather significant change in my life.

I unsubscribed to ALL political news feeds. Even the ones I liked. Why did I do this?

I am removing the toxicity from my life so I can better focus on the positive. Political news is nothing but toxicity. Therefore it had to go.

I had already reduced the amount of news I consumed over a year ago but some was still there. I decided I just didn't care. It added nothing of value to my life and it subtracted positivity daily.

So, CNN, CBS, NBC, FOX, MSNBC, my local talk radio station, HUFFPO, et al are now adios!

I've been news free (other than Facebook where its hard to miss) for a week now and I don't miss it at all. The Facebook stuff I scroll past like always so no harm no foul there.

Its good, I like it. I will probably never go back!

Welcome to the new world!

+4RR or something like that

Today was my best day ever trading and the range was only 78 ticks I think all morning long. This was due to size and trading levels that were obvious.

I have made a video. Its to long. If you want to watch it you can. I talk about today's trading along with a bunch of random ranting about trading, life and of all things, positive mental attitudes. For those of you that don't want to watch the video, the charts are below.

If you chose to watch the video, please be kind in the comments!!!!

PS...the 30 Minute mentions 8 o'clock. That is 8PM my time.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Another evening trade

This one took a while but it worked....

I just bought the level. It was a bit late considering the structure below where I got in but the risk was low and I felt it would go there without causing me much grief.


Using a one minute chart at the inflection points, I was able to scalp for about 25 ticks today....after commissions its more like 20...even though its a successful day in terms of dollars, in terms of execution its a fail.

I was pretty certain about the direction today and I had a target on the daily chart for possible targets. I did get in at the correct place but it started sideways for quite a long time....eventually I just took a decent profit and said screw it....whereupon it started down again. I was pissed so walked away for about 10 minutes and started scalping again....this netted a pretty decent dollar reward but the easy trade was sell and hold which I did not do.

So happy to have made a nice profit trading pretty large size for me but I never risked more than about 6 ticks so sizing up was relatively easy today.


Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Evening trade

I've been noticing at certain times in the early evening up to about 8PM my time, there are certain looks that seem to have some amount of reasonable follow through.

I've taken several of these the last few days and have done pretty well with them. I have not publicly documented them but I wanted to show one here for posterity's sake. This one may not work out but its the look I am seeing every night. I am scalping for ten ticks at a time with this idea. Nothing more than this with a single contract. I may increase the size once I see it working over the longer term.


Closed the trade with 5 ticks. Hey, $50 is better than a kick in the head in my book!!

+2RR, +2RR...Total +4RR

I was seeing the market pretty well today even though it seems to be moving irrationally.

Tiny risks taken today. And smaller targets as well.

I wish I had been paying better attention, I would have sized up to my max size on the second trade. But I was hoping for a pull back all the way down to the area where I marked the second pink circle but it didn't make it there so I assumed on the second trade there was more risk than there actually was. Oh well.


After missing all the short selling at the top!!! Go figure right???? I saw buying on the tape and figured it was good for a small scalp back to the OR low....

Risked only about 5 ticks or so and got 10 for a 2RR trade. 

Monday, April 17, 2017


Honestly, how do the trading gods expect you to make money with a 58 tick range. I know I know, trade the what...these narrow ranges make it difficult to think about any decent winners.

Therefore, until this thing really opens up, my plan is to take about 10% of the 3 day average daily range and call it quits for the day.

And that is what I did today. 10% of the 3 day daily range. 8 freaking ticks. Now trust me, that's better than losing and with a bit of size, that can still add up to a decent dollar figure each day. But its frustrating to have crude trading in such narrow ranges.

I do have this one trade sitting there. At first it was a bit more size but I took that off and put a single lot on.....why? because I am taking off and gonna just leave it sitting there.

Did I mention I had like ten losers in a row....yeah that felt good!!!

Thursday, April 13, 2017

- MAX Loss for the day

I was short all morning based on my idea we had reached max highs on the daily chart....but the market wasn't ready to be short on my time frame....

Some days you just have to stop thinking and go with the market....and yet any attempt at being long would result in at best a scratch or two and probably some either way, a losing day.....UNLESS you were short with a very wide stop. As I write this, its running down like a scared rabbit! Without me!!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Equity Curve

Ok, here is the curve after the trades were entered.....A lot more trades than normal with more size scaling in and out....its only three days worth....nearly meaningless I know but you have to start somewhere.

Scratch Day

Took a full size stop early on the stop run...much like yesterday then was able to recover prior to and after the inventory number scaling in and out of positions with smaller size. Finally had to close the last of it prior to walking out of the house.

I get back to the computer only to see my ultimate target, yesterday's 50% level hit after I left.

Pretty choppy today and yesterday....well actually for quite a while now. But I am seeing stop runs better....I'm not capitalizing on them yet but if I'm the victim like yesterday and today, I at least recognize it for what it is and then play off that for the recovery. The key is to see it before it happens and capitalize on it instead of being taken advantage of.

Yesterday and today I did something I haven't done in ages. I stuck around AFTER I was down. In the past, if my first couple of trades were losers, I'd pack it in for the day so I didn't lose to much money. Now I am being more aggressive in trying to recover that. I am doing that by starting small and scaling into and out of trades while I wait for a larger type trade to happen. Yesterday I was able to get that larger trade but not today. Happy with mostly a scratch. I'm up probably $50 after commissions.

On Monday, I did a detailed journal post. I got a lot of feedback about how that might be counter productive in some respects. After thinking about it, I decided to just keep that portion of the journal private. At the same time, I've forgotten to log the trades yesterday and today in the spreadsheet which is something I want to make sure I do from now after this, I am logging all those trades and begin tracking the scales in and out as well as the win rate and expectancy.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

+4RR, +2RR...Net +6RR

Last night before bed, I found a very small risk trade. I took  it and exited at support netting 4RR.

I figured price would retrace off yesterday's highs back to the 50% level overnight, it didn't and I was able to get that trade today but not before I took a full stop out first.

On the follow on trade after the stop run....or course.....I was able to get in small and rapidly add size while exiting at the 50% pull back area for another 4RR trade which netted me 2RR on the mornings trading.

The chart has both last nights trades as well as this mornings trades. All short in the pink circles....I am using circles because each trade has multiple entries in that area.....

Regarding stop runs, I was seriously contemplating putting a single lot entry at the top where the yellow line is at the top of the range....but I couldn't bring myself to do it. My rational brain says its a super safe trade but my monkey brain says its nothing more than trying to catch a rocket ship on the way up. So I listened to my monkey brain this morning. I still made money which is great but something inside me is pretty upset I didn't follow through with the impulse to at least put a single lot on at that location.

Still, it was a good day overall.

Cheers and happy trading.

Monday, April 10, 2017

+1.5RR Net

Ok, to much to really go into it today.... but I ended up about 1.5RR but only because I kept adding to the position trying to catch one up to the daily resistance. It never happened.

My first trade was a short scalp. It ended up being the equity high for most of the day....took a larger stop on the second trade. Next one was a great trade but scratched it out. Finally got in with tiny risk and kept scaling in and out. Believe it or not, even though this was slow price action I managed to scalp a couple of times while still having a decent position on when I finally exited the trade.

Lots of commissions today....about 4 times normal but I had near perfect execution most of the day. Just following the process leads to profits.



Friday, April 7, 2017

-2.5RR + 3RR NET of -1.25RR

Trade 5. Shorted the 50% level as it had confluence with the double top area. One lot of course. To close to my max risk for the day to chance any more lots than that. But I got 30 ticks from it to offset the rest of the day. The previous losers were all multiple lots which explains why -2.5RR +3RR does not equal +.5RR!!!

Trade 1:
Reason for trade: I was afraid it would be hours before I saw a good set up based on the fact i missed all the actual early set ups.

Rule 1: At support or Resistance? Yes   [  ]  No [ x ]
Rule 2: At 3rd or 4th Trend Line Touch? Yes  [  ]   No [x  ]
Rule 3: At 20EMA or 50SMA? Yes [   ]  No [ x ]
Context: Trend Yes [x  ]  No [  ]

Trade Results: Winner [x  ] Loser  [  ]  BE [  ] +.5RR
Emotions In Trade: FOMO


Trade 2:
Reason for trade: Counter trend set up. Reasonable risk. All CT trades are single lots. No exceptions.

Rule 1: At support or Resistance? Yes   [  ]  No [  x]
Rule 2: At 3rd or 4th Trend Line Touch? Yes  [  ]   No [ x ]
Rule 3: At 20EMA or 50SMA? Yes [ x  ]  No [  ]
Context: Trend? Yes [  ]  No [  n]

Trade Results: Winner [  ] Loser  [  ] BE [ x ] 0RR
Emotions in trade: Calm. No fear. Just exection. Moved to BE very quickly as I always do in CT situations. I don’t care if they work or not, just execute and let it play out.


Trade 3:
Reason for trade: At resistance,

Rule 1: At support or Resistance? Yes   [x  ]  No [  x]
Rule 2: At 3rd or 4th Trend Line Touch? Yes  [  ]   No [ x ]
Rule 3: At 20EMA or 50SMA? Yes [x  ]  No [  ]

Trade Results: Winner [  ] Loser  [x  ] BE [  ] -1.5RR
Emotions in Trade: Impatient. I want it to work right away….Its getting late...seems like things should be moving faster and yet I know perfectly well this is normal behavior. Let it go, breathe deeply and just be patient. The bars where I am not in a trade seem to move fast and purposeful. And the bars where I am in a trade seem to move slowly and random. Its my monkey brain playing tricks on me.

I forgot to take a picture.

Trade 4:
Reason for trade: At resistance,

Rule 1: At support or Resistance? Yes   [x  ]  No [  ]
Rule 2: At 3rd or 4th Trend Line Touch? Yes  [ x ]   No [  ]
Rule 3: At 20EMA or 50SMA? Yes [x  ]  No [  ]

Trade Results: Winner [  ] Loser  [  x] BE [  ] -1RR
Emotions in Trade: I was waiting on this trade from earlier. I had the -1RR loser while I was waiting. I suppose the last trade was boredom and FOMO again. Odd how these things keep popping up. I think I’ve been having them the last few weeks but not journalling during the trade blinded me to this fact. This trade may turn out to be a loser but if I had been patient enough to wait for it, the previous loser would not have happened and I would only be down 1RR instead of -2.5RR


PnL Tracking:


Closing Thoughts:
A 100% fail today….here is something I know for certain. After a large move (relatively speaking) there is always some back and forth. I know this and when I see the move overnight, I get frustrated because I know my trading hours might be full of head fakes, chop and counter trend movement. None of which is conducive to productive trading. Such was the case today. I knew it when I sat down in front of the screens that it might be a tough day. After the Syrian spike yesterday evening, it was a long move down as I suspected it might be. I was just hoping it wouldn’t do it all while I was sleeping and it did.

I’m very annoyed with myself in not having the patience to sit on my hands while all this was going on. The pressure to put up profit numbers every day intensified yesterday and as I noted in my post last night, that increases the likelihood that losers will occur.

Today is the first day where I might have been mostly aware of my emotions and thought processes before, during and after a trade. While trade 2, the counter trend trade was the only one that really worked, (trade 1 did work for a while) I executed it correctly. I closed it out at the first sign of it not working which is what you are supposed to do on counter trend trades.

I am not deterred however. Monday I will be back at it with steely determination and with any luck, a slightly higher degree of patience.

EDIT: It seems like ever time I DON"T trade with a limit order, it would have worked. And every time I DO trade with a limit order, it fails. Anyone else have this experience?

EDIT 2: I have to remember even a one lot trade that takes 20 minutes to pay $100 is still $300 an hour. Sheesh....grow a pair and be grateful for the small winners. Even those are better than working for the California minimum wage.

Thursday, April 6, 2017


The more things change, the more they stay the same...and vice versa......or so the saying goes.

Funny how life throws different things at you, sometimes when you are least prepared to deal with them. Good fortune or bad fortune comes at seemingly random times. My car being stolen for instance....why now? Or rather, why ask why? It's just random.

Today, I had some random bad fortune. No details here. Suffice to say, some future plans have been put on hold or perhaps re-routed permanently. It's to early to tell at this point. The result of this was a bit of a kick in the balls type feeling for a couple of hours. A "now what" sensation with a bit of a blank stare from me.

After some time to think about it, I don't have an answer but some changes in several areas of my life are being made out of necessity.

I've been content to poke along in my trading. Just trying to be consistent over the weeks....with some degree of success at times and frustration at others.

Today though, as part of the changes previously mentioned, trading is taking center stage. The bad fortune involves money and the need to earn more than I am at least for the next several months. I know darn well that when you need to win, the chances go down that you will. In fact, the odds increase that losing will become more prevalent. That said, my trading business is now an integral part of the changes going forward and I commit to trading as though I were rolling in cash!!

I'm making no changes to my style, instead I plan to increase the number of potential trade opportunities each day and increase size as risk warrants. I've been very passive with size since I've been focused on just execution but the time has come to push myself and grow a pair as they say.

All trades will be with trend on the 5M chart. Risk will be under 15 ticks or trade will not be taken. I am willing to risk up to $500 per day and up to $300 per trade which means a 15 tick stop will result in two contracts being traded. I will max size based on these parameters as well as the quality of the trade presented and I will normally be looking for 2-3 times my risk in ticks as an exit point. This will be variable depending on market structure. Overall goal is to follow the process perfectly and let the money follow. If I can get an overall net of 2RR each day, I will consider the week a success.

Like Sandy, I intend to do a much better job of journaling my trades. There won't be videos at least not at first but I intend to detail the trade entry reason, aka, rules met, etc. Target ideas, thought process during the trade if I can remember why (I'll keep a note book handy for this) and today I finished tweaking my spreadsheet tracker. I emptied the contents and starting over from scratch tomorrow!

Here goes a potential wild ride.....wish me luck!!!

No trades

Trend days can be tough....even though the ranges are narrow, the buying seems to be pretty strong. After the move from short to long overnight, not a single pull back with smaller risk to buy.

I tried but it never got close.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Long, -1R, Long again, scratch. Short, +5RR after some silly thinking about where price might go....

I was expecting price to hit 52.80 today before finding resistance which is where my long targets were....never got close before inventory and whatever the number was, it sent price straight down.

It took a while to get something I could trade with relatively low risk. That trade was entered and I left the house. When I got back, the trade had closed itself with .5RR profit. Turns out, I had used an ATM on the OCO trailed out at some point. Needless to say, I thought I had gotten rid of all the auto trails as they are anti-profit strategies.


Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Thoughts, Ideas and Creativity

I've been doing some work on my inner person lately. This has been an ongoing work for the last 6-7 years and I go through periods of time where I don't do any work on myself at all and then there are periods where I spend days and even weeks thinking about who I am, my purpose on this earth, how I can improve myself and my effectiveness as a person and a soul that occupies space on this planet.

Lately I have been thinking and talking about the creative power of our thoughts and words and how the universe responds to us....and something my brother said many years ago popped into my head.

He said "I cannot behave in a consistent manner in a way that is inconsistent with my dominant thought life. Thoughts are the birthplace of creation. Our words create life or death. Actions flow from words which flow from thoughts. I am constantly creating because I am God's creation. He is creative by nature and because I am created in his image, I am creative by nature. We create on purpose good or evil. Choose life!"

An example of this from my own recent life. A few weeks ago I did my annual review and goals/intentions for 2017. One of the most important things I wrote down was "I no longer use the word hate." I was constantly saying how much I hated this or that. My wife and daughter called me on it and I began listening to myself and I realized how many times a day I uttered that word. I realized using this word so often was in total conflict with my stated ideal of living in harmony with others and from a position of love. So I stopped. Just like that. I haven't used it since.

I've been thinking about these topics now for about 3 months pretty much constantly. I'm coming to terms with the power of these ideas and now I am beginning to turn my attention to implementing the ideas and concepts I'm learning and beginning to believe.

The ancient mystics knew something about the nature of the universe and how it worked. They just couldn't describe it in a way that made sense to their contemporaries and as a result, they were often marginalized and many times were killed for their ideas.

Today, science is beginning to affirm the ancient mystics teachings. Quantum physics is demonstrating things beyond the ability of mere mortals to understand and yet they are true nonetheless.

Here is a short video featuring none other than the Pet Detective himself, Jim Carey. Its about 5 minutes long but he articulates some simple basic truths I am beginning to just now believe on a level much deeper than ever. While I've always suspected these ideas had some substance, I never really put much credence to them. Now things are different. I'm not saying I understand or have even begun the process of implementing these ideas but I am close.

Please feel free to weigh in with your thoughts on this. I am open to listening to others ideas and suggestions.

+8RR in two days

I said I was going to take this week off but at the last minute, my kiddo decided she'd rather go to San Diego than to the we packed up and took off on Sunday morning. This was the view from the hotel balcony.

I decided to trade Monday morning. I mean, why not trade when you are happy right? 

So Monday was a great day for me. Near perfect execution with about +6RR. 

And then today, I made a small mistake and corrected quickly....added another 2RR to the total....but it should have been about a 6RR trade based on where I had my original targets for the day...I just got tired of waiting around for it. 

And then to top it off, on Sunday night, our car was stolen from the hotel parking garage. I found out about in on Monday morning which also happened to be my birthday! Go figure right....I mean who steals Hyundais' anyway? I was parked next to a much nicer car for crying out loud!!!!

 Going to be lucky to get out of it without having to pay anything although I think the insurance will cover 99% of it based on initial estimates. 

Regardless, I am still happy. I'm learning to realize my happiness does not depend on circumstances in the least. Cheers and good trading the rest of the week.