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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mid week update...actually

Taking 5 minutes out to recap the last three days.

Trading well....5M charts and a tick chart on inventory days POST inventory number...

Being very deliberate I have booked 70 ticks per contract this week in both the CL and the NQ. There has been LOTS more money available. But within the context of my trading hours and limitations, I am quite pleased.

I used the tick chart today to get into CL on the long side just a bit early, waited it out, got long again and rode it for 40 ticks I think. No trades in NQ today even though there was opportunity, the cost for that opportunity was well beyond my comfort zone so no trades.

Net net, its been a good week so far.

I am working on my mind every day. I feel different. Something is different. The energy has changed even if only slightly but I can feel it and I like it.

Ok, back to the day job.