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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

+2RR Lucky today, +2RR....

Sometimes its better to be lucky than good. Today is one of those days. A truly crappy day for trading for sure.

I bought 52.97 with a ten tick stop, Price went my way for a couple of bars and then reversed against me and went 9 ticks into my stop before turning around and going straight to my target. I was in the shower while that was going on otherwise I'd have probably closed it out for a loser.

I have to say this, the less I manage my trades, the better they seem to work out. I guess its true, the best management is no management.



Waited until after inventory, typical stop running on both sides of the market and then a pretty decent set up, bought 53.09, exit at 53.29. I'm normally long gone by now but today I had a few minutes and decided to watch the action. Glad I did.