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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


I have about an hour between now and when I have to be back at it. Thought I'd post a short update.

I'm making money, slower than I want but it is steady. Funny thing is, I am trading both CL and NQ. I ran the numbers today. The profit is coming from CL. NQ has been choppy during the cash hours but smooth and mostly pretty tradeable during the European session. I might have to reduce my exposure to NQ.

Today was another loser on NQ with a large winner on CL just after inventory. A long at around 42.45. Took it off as the selling came in near the top. A very pleasing trade today. I had a shot at getting in on the slow grind up after the spike down but I elected to not take it. The pace was slow and I wasn't in the mood.

Ok, time to relax for 45 minutes before hitting the grind again.