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Friday, May 4, 2018

A quick post

I finished early today and have time for a quick post before I am off to the next thing.

Counter trend on the 5M chart but trend on the 6 range chart. Chart tells the story. Half size due to counter trend on the higher time frames. Four winning days in a row now. Longest streak in a while. Lots of 2 or three day streaks but 4 has been elusive. Thankfully my losses are quite small, less than half my winning days so the math is in my it should be.

Short term momentum, don't be greedy, don't move the stops....although this time that wasn't an issue since it just went straight to my target zone pretty quick....which is the way I like it, like it yes I do!!

Cheers, all the best and happy trading.

On a side note, I was diagnosed with degenerative arthritis in my lower back a few years ago. I had two years of cortisone shots which really helped but they accelerate the degeneration over time so I was looking for a different solution which I think I have found. Its called prolotherapy I think and they shoot a mixture of lidacaine and dextrose into the affected areas. Its been used in Germany for 50+ years with good results. It stops the pain instantly and the dextrose irritates the ligament causing more blood flow to the area which apparently helps it heal. So far so good. My second treatment and it feels better than it has in a long time for which I am grateful. We will see about the longer term affects though. There is another solution called stem cell therapy but its quite expensive but apparently it causes a reversal and healing of the actual tissue that has degenerated. That might be a couple of years from now after the cost has gone down. Its not covered by insurance so I need to see more data plus raise the 5-10K it will cost to do the full round of treatment.