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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Change In Direction

Just when you think things are pretty well dialed in, things change. I have been working at a large national bank for the last two years and I thought I might retire from there in a few years but about three weeks ago, an opportunity presented itself to make a change.

I quit my job at the large bank and took a much better position at a small local financial institution making better money. It's a job I would do for free if I didn't need to feed my family!

I get to fix something that is broken and create something out of nothing. I love building and creating and I get to do this on someone else's dime!

So I have been focused on ramping up for this new opportunity and while I have traded off and on since then, it has been maybe only once or twice a week for the last three weeks. I haven't really had time for much. But I suspect this is getting ready to shift back to normal this week so we will see how it goes.

This was my trade from today. Roughly 53-54 ticks before commissions. I had a trade yesterday with similar results but I forgot to take a picture of it and I didn't have time to post.

Time to pack it in for the day. Lots to do.