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Monday, January 30, 2017


After the run up overnight, I was looking for 53.20 to hold as support and looking for a signal to get long but it didn't happen and I didn't get a signal....then it broke down below that level, put in another consolidation area and broke below that. By then I was convinced and shorted 53.07 to the swing low. Not my favorite way to trade but it does work. Took the break out instead of the pull back because once it broke away from the consolidation zone I figured it wasn't coming back....and it appears I was right, at least in the near term.

On another note, a few weeks before Christmas, a friend sent me a link to some work out videos and I watched just one but it convinced me to begin slowly. So I started doing some push ups, the cheater kind where you use a wall and he told me to start with just 20 so I did. That first 20 were tough. I am so out of shape!!! But I kept at it gradually adding another ten after a couple of weeks and today I did 60 of the cheater push ups. Those last 5 were rough but I got them done. Two weeks of those and then I'll move to a table top for the push ups, start the counts over and then finally move to the floor for "real ones".

I've also been walking about 7 miles a week. I know, that's not very much but its a re-start of something I began after the heart attack and eventually gave up. I started at about a 30 minute mile on  a flat surface and I'm up to a 18 minute mile on undulating surface. I think about another 2 weeks of this and if I can get it to a 15 minute mile, I'll add another mile at a slower pace. Ideally I want to get to 60 minutes of walking per day. Good for my heart and good for my waistline!

I've always thought I walked fast but out there at the park I walk at, there are people with 20+ years on me walking at least twice as fast as me. I felt pretty small when a little old lady passed me on an up slope like I was standing still! I don't care though, like trading, getting fit is highly personal and personalized. What works for me and what I can realistically do every day is going to be different from everyone I don't care. I'm just happy to be able to improve a little every day.