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Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Today is two weeks since my dad passed. Its been a whirlwind of of dealing with the fall out of death. Legal stuff, financial stuff. Selling stuff, etc.....all of it a pain, all of it necessary. And nearly all of it completed. There area  couple things left to do, one of which won't be done until after Christmas but that is a pleasant one, shopping for the grandkids in dad's name. He would have wanted that so very much.

In the meantime, I've slowly begun trading again. I lost around 2-3% during the 45 days my dad was in the hospital and over the last couple of days, I've gained all that back plus a little bit. Something shifted for me this last couple of weeks. I've been able to sit waiting for my levels and sit waiting for my targets in a way I've never been able to before. Not sure what changed but it did and I'm having much better results.

Lastly, about 3 weeks before dad passed, a large national mortgage company came looking for me to take a position with them here in my home town. They haven't had anyone here for three years and after listening to them for two weeks, I became convinced to at least give it a shot. Dad passed not to long after I accepted the offer and yesterday I started the onboarding process. Yes, I swore I'd never go back to the mortgage business, but this company does it right, has a built in market for me to tap, has lots of marketing dollars to spend, built in referral network and so at least at this point, looks like a gold mine. Besides, I'm been thinking I need to fill my down time. Help take my mind off my dad's passing. I feel best when I'm occupied and get into trouble when I'm not!

I'll have about three hours every morning to trade during the daylight savings time and 2 hours when we revert. That's generally enough time to get in a good trade. I'll just build my trading account balance and live on my mortgage earnings. My wife and I discussed it and for some reason we both feel good about this decision.

I'll be updating my blog hopefully every day going forward or at least a couple times a week. I think its important to maintain some sort of narrative of the journey. I keep a paper journal as well. I like writing on paper with a pen. I also have a sort of a summary type foldout I keep in the paper journal I picked up from Strategic Coach a few years back. I love that day I'll take a picture and post it here....its pretty cool for future planning and keeping track of progress.