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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Best laid plans

I went live and almost instantly my life went crazy. First of all, my dad is in the hospital again. This is his third week there. Should get out next week. He went in for heart related issues and they found some cancer in his pelvic area. More test on that soon. Along with that, a law firm hired me to do research on a mortgage backed securities fraud case from 2006 they are litigating. Its temporary but the work load is intense. I'm working 10-12 hours a day doing that along with my class schedule. Its killing me already. I'm to old for this crap! But its paying VERY well and I didn't want to turn down the money. Its only for three weeks so I can handle it. I'll make about 4 months of living expenses in these three weeks so its worth it for me.

All that means I haven't traded since the first day I went live. And I won't be until after the litigation project is over on the 27th. I'll probably take a few days to decompress before I hit it again.

So until then, cheers.