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Thursday, February 16, 2017


Well that was different.

Yesterday I watched a video about price risk vs information risk and decided to try taking information risk today instead of price risk. It couldn't have worked better. No heat but it did take a LONG time, over an hour and it did come back to my price 53.30 twice before it finally made it to my target 65 minutes after taking the trade.

In hindsight, I was early, while price did come back to the break out level, I should have waited until the level and the MA matched. I have noticed this happens A LOT. In any event, it worked and I'm done for the day.

Today is a big day for me personally. I begin the journey toward employment with a huge national bank with all the benefits one could ask for, I got my lab results yesterday, most everything is normal except my LDL is slightly elevated and my triglyercides are slightly elevated. No surprise there, my eating habits haven't been very good last few weeks even though I've lost weight. The weight loss is due primarily to not eating much sugar and cutting my portion sizes way down. My wife and I have been splitting meals instead of a huge plate each, we take one plate and split it in two. Seems to be working well so far.

My daily exercise is continuing which I now enjoy instead of dread. Looking forward to stepping this up over the next few weeks.

Baby girl is out of school early every day this week due to parent teacher conferences, (she's straight A's except for one class) so my dad duties start early every day this week.