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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Evening trade

I've been noticing at certain times in the early evening up to about 8PM my time, there are certain looks that seem to have some amount of reasonable follow through.

I've taken several of these the last few days and have done pretty well with them. I have not publicly documented them but I wanted to show one here for posterity's sake. This one may not work out but its the look I am seeing every night. I am scalping for ten ticks at a time with this idea. Nothing more than this with a single contract. I may increase the size once I see it working over the longer term.


Closed the trade with 5 ticks. Hey, $50 is better than a kick in the head in my book!!

+2RR, +2RR...Total +4RR

I was seeing the market pretty well today even though it seems to be moving irrationally.

Tiny risks taken today. And smaller targets as well.

I wish I had been paying better attention, I would have sized up to my max size on the second trade. But I was hoping for a pull back all the way down to the area where I marked the second pink circle but it didn't make it there so I assumed on the second trade there was more risk than there actually was. Oh well.


After missing all the short selling at the top!!! Go figure right???? I saw buying on the tape and figured it was good for a small scalp back to the OR low....

Risked only about 5 ticks or so and got 10 for a 2RR trade.