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Panda Theme????

Ok, so I admit I have a thing for KungFu Panda. My kid loved the movie when it came out and I really liked the message.

Po, the Panda loves KungFu, but he is destined to be a noodle soup cook like his duck father. But he longs to be a KungFu warrior so he goes to see the competition to determine who will be the next Dragon Warrior and save the village from the evil Tai Lung.

Part of the competition is to see who will open the golden Dragon Scroll and reveal the secret to being the Dragon Warrior.

Through a series of comedic miscues, Po gets to open the scroll and discovers there is nothing there but his reflection on the smooth gold surface. Eventually he gets the message and becomes the mighty Dragon Warrior.

Basically the message is this; There is no Holy Grail. If you think you can or if you think you cannot, you are correct.

And in trading, there is no holy grail. The secret to your success lies between your ears and in your heart. Its what you do with it once you realize this that makes the difference.

Quirky I know but it helps me remember whats important in this game.

Here is a well written article about this subject. Kung Fu Panda Article By Eric Weinstien

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