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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

More updates

It's 5:20 AM as I write this. I've been up since 4:30AM. Checked my phone for any messages from my brothers about my dad. He's getting much worse. I suspect he's not going to live much longer. The mass they found is cancer and they think it may have spread very rapidly to the rest of his body. Doing a PET scan today to see how far its spread. My heart is very heavy today because my dad and I have been close for a very long time.

I ditched the MBS fraud case to help take care of my dad and his medical situation a day or so ago. Time seems to be slowing down in some respects and the days are starting to all run together. It's like I'm living in a fog right now....very unpleasant.

I've been watching charts off and on during these last few weeks. I haven't had time to do any real analysis or over thinking. Just take a look now and then and say, "buy or sell" and then on to other things. I've come back to the chart a couple hours later and sure enough, those calls have been mostly winners. Funny how that works. Just go with it and then let it go and it seems to work out. Proves that all the analysis and overthinking and second guessing is just crap. All you need to do to be successful is just have a decent sense of what you want to see, make the trade and leave. It's not rocket science. It may not be science at all, just the probability that one thing will happen before the other thing....profit before stop....

I'm head to the hospital in a couple of hours to see Dad. I have a bad feeling in my gut that I might not have very many more opportunities to tell him I love him and I'm proud of I'm gonna do that today.....and tomorrow if he's still here and the day after that and the day after that.......

Do what's right today.......let the rest go. In life and in trading......


  1. If it is his time, I hope you and your family find the acceptance and the peace of letting go after a hopefully fruitful and good life.....there isn't much else.

    I wish the you the best, Regards.

  2. ........May God give your Dad strength and patience.


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