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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

-.67%....-.67% for the week

Busy day yesterday so I didn't get to post but I had lots of issues yesterday with regards to technology early in the morning. I think I let it get under my skin because I displayed poor decision making all morning. I let one trade that was up over 30 ticks come back for a break even only to see it thrash around for a bit and then go straight to my original target a couple bars later. After that it fell apart.

This is what Trader Dante talked about in his video about not moaning and start improving. It pissed me off enough that I made the commitment to not trade unless the situation was near perfect. So I am waiting right now for a that to materialize for today's trade.

After I'm done today, I'm headed for Phoenix to get some needles stuck in my back and then back home. I'll be gone about 8 hours altogether. So no post today either. I'll get that done tomorrow I think.


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