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Friday, January 13, 2017

+.50%....+1.5% for the week

Didn't have time to post yesterday so this post is yesterday's result.

A single long trade right at the open with very small risk. Exited with 20+ ticks and one and done.

I am enjoying this new found focus on the process vs just trading and it is producing not only some wins but more importantly, it is producing confidence in myself to do the right thing. After I left the charts yesterday morning, I never thought about it again even once all day long. That is a sea change for me. I normally think about trading most of the day even if I am engaged elsewhere. I must confess, it was a welcome change.

Still thinking about the no trade Wednesday I had this week and how much of a confidence builder that day was. Hopefully that lesson and that feeling will last a long time.


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