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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

No trades today

I had an appointment to get blood drawn first thing this morning which meant I had to fast and I don't do fasting well so I decided not to trade on an empty stomach. Just as well, not much happening today so far.


  1. Cool, I had fasting blood drawn on the same day too. The result was HDL 48, LDL 101 (down from 160). This is done by taking medicine and drinking reishi mushroom tea (breaking dry reishi into small pieces, drop some pieces into hot water thermos left them soak overnight to extract good stuff out) as long as the tea is not too bitter then you are good. I got the same result with taking dry black fungus but it is much more hassle method than just drinking tea.

    1. I did it the first time with waling, green smoothies with flax seed and eliminating sugar from my diet. Lost 30 pounds doing that as well which I've gained back somehow...although I have lost a few again....


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