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Friday, March 3, 2017


Well sometimes it just doesn't work. Everything was looking short but only the longs worked today. Not sure if my weakened state clouded my ability to see things differently but even after the longs were working, I didn't see a way I could have seen it any differently so no longs for me today.

After nearly 2 months of no losing days, I was bound to have some draw down. I've been wondering when it would happen. Thankfully it ended in a break even week. I can handle that I think.

Hopefully by Monday next week I'll be completely over this food poisoning thing. I'm still pretty weak and my entire upper body feels like its been used as a punching bag. I'm pretty sore.

Have a big weekend planned this week. A birthday party tonight with dear friends, Midnight at the Oasis tomorrow with a Queen tribute band I'm looking forward to and then my wife is signing at church on Sunday. I do the live sound when she sings but I didn't make it to practice due to the food poison so someone else is doing that then a full afternoon of doing nothing.

Time to hit the publish button and take off.


  1. Sounds like that festival will be a lot fun! Is it based around vintage cars or just a mix of all sorts of things?

    There's something similar here in Italy, it's called the Summer Jamboree. A international festival celebrating American music and culture circa the 40's and 50's.

    Hope you enjoyed it!

    1. Yeah its all about classic cars and classic rock. Well over 1000 cars plus 6 or 7 classic bands or tribute bands along with all the eats and drinks you could want. Its a big deal here in my city....and we missed it this year. Turns out my wife had a birthday party to attend that evening and I wasn't feeling well from the food poisoning event and so we elected to pass.


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