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Monday, March 13, 2017


What's with the market lately? Super narrow ranges followed by an large spurt one direction and then super narrow ranges again. Not really suited to my style at all. I was doing ok through some of that by just really waiting until I got a perfect set up and it was working or at least ending in scratches. Last few not so much.

I was down 2RR early, got it back on a long, then gave it all back being short again. Ended up down -2.5RR after commissions today.

In hindsight I did have a couple of execution errors in the early morning, those were stop outs but even with that, the day should have given me enough opportunity to get them back plus some more, that didn't happen today.

The key to surviving market conditions like this is to limit the losses. No big losing days allowed. 2.50RR loss is the largest I'm willing to go for any reason. Don't go crazy and just keep banging away at something that refuses to give you what you want....and I got close to that today....time to clamp down on risk.

On another note, I passed my last math test on Friday. Now I just wait for the college to process my grades and award my degree. Should be a couple of weeks.

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