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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

+4RR, +2RR...Net +6RR

Last night before bed, I found a very small risk trade. I took  it and exited at support netting 4RR.

I figured price would retrace off yesterday's highs back to the 50% level overnight, it didn't and I was able to get that trade today but not before I took a full stop out first.

On the follow on trade after the stop run....or course.....I was able to get in small and rapidly add size while exiting at the 50% pull back area for another 4RR trade which netted me 2RR on the mornings trading.

The chart has both last nights trades as well as this mornings trades. All short in the pink circles....I am using circles because each trade has multiple entries in that area.....

Regarding stop runs, I was seriously contemplating putting a single lot entry at the top where the yellow line is at the top of the range....but I couldn't bring myself to do it. My rational brain says its a super safe trade but my monkey brain says its nothing more than trying to catch a rocket ship on the way up. So I listened to my monkey brain this morning. I still made money which is great but something inside me is pretty upset I didn't follow through with the impulse to at least put a single lot on at that location.

Still, it was a good day overall.

Cheers and happy trading.

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