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Monday, May 1, 2017


Seriously, where has my beloved crude oil gone? I know there is lots of uncertainty in the world but that's no reason to act like this!!! Please, please please, can we have some follow through momentum soon!!

Well the issue isn't really CL although its gotten harder to trade for sure but the real issue is my lack of patience. I just missed the first spike down at 5:25 or so. I was indisposed but I figured it would pop back up and test the break down level and it did but an hour and a half later during which I got impatient and started trying to "catch the move" downward. I finally gave that up and tried a single long trade which stopped out almost immediately.

I gave up in frustration and took my kid to school a few minutes early only to come back and see it meet my original idea of testing the break down and then reversing downward. To say I was pissed was an understatement. Not at the market but at myself. The target zone hasn't been met yet but it probably will at some point today given enough time which I don't have the patience for today.

I moved my office to Starbucks for some peace and quiet ( I can't cuss out loud here) to write this post and take a look inside. Honestly, each day the patience thing becomes more and more of an issue. Some days I have the patience of Job and other days I have the patience of a two year kid in an ice cream shop.

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