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Friday, July 21, 2017

Quick update

It's been a week since my last post. I haven't really had time for posting and I don't today but I'm squeezing one in just because I want to and have about 5 minutes.

A few weeks go I had my best week ever. Then I had nothing but back and forth and then some draw down. Lots of frustration for me in this time period. I've been working 10-12 hours a day making decent money but honestly less than if I just followed my trading plan and rules like a boss. Still I'm grateful for it.

Late last week and this week, I've recovered most of the drawdown and very near new equity highs again. It's been a slow slog through and while I'm glad for the recovery, I wish it were faster. That said, I am approaching or at least it feels as though I am, a place of detachment concerning the outcome of each trade knowing that if I just do it long enough, the law of large numbers will work in my favor. I'm also trading less than before, 1-3 trades a day for the most part and I like that even better.

This project I'm working on appears to have some legs and so I'm going to milk it for as long and as much as I can. Who knows what the future holds.



  1. "......if I just followed my trading plan and rules like a boss....'

    Truer words never been said. No trading book, or overused useless axiom is necessary.

    Every Time, I have dug myself out of a hole, or established a new equity high it has been ONLY because manically following that ONE single setup that is robust and speaks to me, tracking it religiously at the expense of all others, with multiple time frames or multiple markets and taking my positive expectancy loss or profit and then walking away.

    As you have done that over the last week, congrats on the new high.

  2. *thumbs up* congrats on the great trading!


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