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The Purpose of Life is Joy!!

Monday, October 30, 2017


This has parallels in trading but is true across all areas of life.

As I was thinking about things this morning, it occurred to me that joy comes not from the fruit of the labor but from the labor itself.

There is pleasure in the thinking, the planning, the strategy implementation and finally realizing the outcome, good or bad. Truthfully, well thought out, well planned and properly implemented plans that fail are just as good at producing pleasure as ones that do not for we cannot know the outcome in advance and therefore carry equal amounts of pleasure and uncertainty.

The fruit of labor is nothing more than the result of planning and implementation carried to its natural conclusion. A man can enjoy that fruit with extreme satisfaction knowing the effort, thought and planning that went into producing that fruit.

I'm not certain where this thought came from but I suspect it came from the moments of quiet and meditation I have been enjoying in the mornings these last few weeks. I know its not earth shattering or particularly deep but for me it was insightful and motivating as my goal has always been the fruit and not the pleasure of the labor. From now on I will pursue the pleasure of the labor and let the fruit develop on its own.


  1. In the four weeks since I wrote this, I have allowed myself to drift back into trying to find joy in the fruit instead of the labor. Human nature being what it is, it takes discipline and unending focus to remain married to the process instead of the desired result. Once again I reset and refocus on the labor and not the fruit.

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