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Friday, September 13, 2019

One and done

Yesterday, 3 and out. Today, 1 and done.

I couldnt see bigger targets but 30 ticks is enough for me. Should have added but entry point was further along in the trend on the shorter time frames than I liked for added risk so left it alone.

I traded every day this week, one loser day and 4 winning days. A new equity high for me I think and going into the weekend on a high note. Roll over next week so probably wont trade that day at all. Maybe not at all until the volume is clearly higher on the new contract.

Time to go. The weather is beautiful here in sunny AZ so time to enjoy it. Its been a super humid summer which we are not used to so having the dry cool mornings right now is such a wonderful thing. I'm back to trading outside again with my laptop and my iPad. I have to say its my favorite way to trade!

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