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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

+1.0%....+2.00% for the week.

One and done today before the open. I also rolled over today.

Sold 52.52 on the the pull back to the top of the compression zone....Looking at the daily chart, I figured there was room to try for a bit more than normal. That happened just before the open and I exited at double the daily goal.

Nice trade if I say so myself.

Time to hit the books.


I originally typed +2% in the blog title but its only 1%....not sure where the brain fart came from but I corrected as soon as it hit me!!



  1. Not advice, just musings from my own experiences.

    "One and done today"
    Seems to be a worthwhile attitude. Our work hours allocated to each job on our to-do list are for us alone to define.

    Some people want their trading to succeed so badly, and they put so much pressure on themselves. They feel like they need to be present every moment or they will not succeed, and they become obsessed. For me this caused me to take the inevitable losses so personally it really messed with my decision making. I had tied my success as a trader to my success as a human being, so every loss was a direct failure of me in life.

    Things didn’t turn around until I started taking regular breaks from trading and shortening the time I spent in front of the screen. (Again, thanks to Sandy) Not saying that works for everyone, but as we tend to need breaks in most all other aspects of life, why would trading be different. Once a person has given themselves the freedom to realize that trading is only a part of their life, they sometimes tend to relax a bit, and it seems that is when the results tend to turn around.

    Trading does not define our life. Don’t remember who said it, but all money does is buy and sell time for you to experience / explore life the way you want. Maybe for some the experiences / explorations they want to cultivate revolve around trading, but for me it was just a means.

    Good book titled “Golf is Not A Game of Perfect: Dr. Bob Rotella” Can easily say the same about trading.

    Nice trade Panda!

    Lots of clean signals pre-market lately.


    1. Thank you sir....I have that book. I took those lessons to heart...for awhile and have only recently began internalizing life and in trading. I too feel like living to trade is a mistake, instead, trading to live or at least to supplement your living is a much healthier attitude. I've always preached this concept but rarely lived by it. This year though, I decided to treat my trading as a side hustle that I did before my regular job, which incidentally I don't actually have right now but will in about 45 days. This changed of perspective along with a few other things seems to have made a huge difference in my actual results....heres to the future.

      Thanks for tagging along....

  2. Yes, it dawned on me a few days ago about the unlimited well that is available for the taking IF, I just follow the process and let the market do its thing. Too much thinking, too much second guessing, too much pressing leads to losing. Just go with the flow and let the current take you where it wants to go. In life, I tend to follow the path of least resistance when it comes to silly stuff like what to eat, what clothes to wear, is eerily similar to that. Just follow the path of least resistance. Such an odd perspective to have after all this time.

  3. I wish that was not true, but it is. Wisdom comes from suffering, much of it self inflicted.

  4. Sandy/
    Do you believe words of another can help hasten the profound truths being realized once a person has already suffered?

    Panda/ "Much of it is self inflicted" This has been so true with my life.

  5. I think the answer is yes....or rather maybe. It's seems to be a truism in my life that I hear the words of others in my search for truth, I initially don't understand or perhaps dismiss them and only much later after some intense suffering does the depth of what I heard long ago sink into that place I call the heart. Once internalized though, it never leaves.

  6. I can't add to the wisdom written in the comments of this blog post, but just wanted to acknowledge that it has been read, lived and appreciated. Thanks.

  7. Thank you both for taking the time and energy to share your thoughts.
    Have a wonderful evening.


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