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Thursday, January 19, 2017

+.375 + .50%...+.875% for the day

Two trades. The first one trailed out at +.375% after missing my target by a tick and the second one went right to the target.

Bought 52.37 and 52.42. The price action was very range bound today and I think I was lucky these signals actually produced something. I traded a bit longer than normal today as my schedule allowed it. However I'm now running late so time to get going.

I think tomorrow I will adopt Sandy's nomenclature regarding risk and reward reporting. I will move to an RR format where the reward is expressed as a multiple of the risk. Using that format, I was 2RR and 4RR. I actually like the way that looks as opposed to a percentage return. 4RR looks better than .50%.

Inventory is in a couple of safe!

Anyway, until tomorrow.


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