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Friday, March 31, 2017


-1.25 X 2 = -2.25

Chart tells the story....

Done for the day. I am taking a break from trading next week. Its fair week here and my kiddo is off school plus its likely I will start my new mortgage career next week as I am giving myself plenty of room for error and not trading. Besides I am tired of losing for a while. Time to clear the head.


  1. hi, been following your blog for 2 months now. i like that you take the time to write almost every day. i've collected a bunch of trading blogs where the people don't try to sell anything and it's cool to sit back and read it on my ipad after the trading day is done.

    it inspired me to make my own. my url is and my post list is at the bottom of the page (i only have one so far).

    thanks again for the great content. i try and post everyday so there should be stuff (not only about trading) that people can spend a few seconds perusing.

    i know you're off for this week so hope you're getting some needed r&r

  2. thanks for following along.I'm always shocked when people read my stuff...I took a look at yours. Should be interesting. I've added you to my RSS feed. Good luck....and add an "About Me" page on the blog so people can learn a little bit about you and your trading journey up to this point in time.

    Cheers....and good luck


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