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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

+8RR in two days

I said I was going to take this week off but at the last minute, my kiddo decided she'd rather go to San Diego than to the we packed up and took off on Sunday morning. This was the view from the hotel balcony.

I decided to trade Monday morning. I mean, why not trade when you are happy right? 

So Monday was a great day for me. Near perfect execution with about +6RR. 

And then today, I made a small mistake and corrected quickly....added another 2RR to the total....but it should have been about a 6RR trade based on where I had my original targets for the day...I just got tired of waiting around for it. 

And then to top it off, on Sunday night, our car was stolen from the hotel parking garage. I found out about in on Monday morning which also happened to be my birthday! Go figure right....I mean who steals Hyundais' anyway? I was parked next to a much nicer car for crying out loud!!!!

 Going to be lucky to get out of it without having to pay anything although I think the insurance will cover 99% of it based on initial estimates. 

Regardless, I am still happy. I'm learning to realize my happiness does not depend on circumstances in the least. Cheers and good trading the rest of the week. 


  1. first off, happy birthday and sorry to hear about the car. glad to see you caught a great trade though.

    i love san diego, it is my ideal retirement city. if you ever want some great carne asada fries, Lolita's Restaurant is around Petco Park (202, or 201 Park Blvd). enjoy your stay!

    1. I've been all over the world and SD is my favorite city as well....and I'd live there if it wasn't so expensive. Housing is crazy expensive. I did the math, you need to earn no less than $10,000 to live really comfortably. I know people that live on less than that of course but I think my lifestyle choices would produce a $10,000 nut to crack every month.

    2. oh man, totes agreed - it is no joke out there housing-wise. i'll tell you, when i'm walking down an inclined la jolla cove street and i'm seeing the pacific ocean, the view is so beautiful i could cry.

    3. Being near the ocean is what soothes and restores my soul. I love to sit and stare out at the waves, listen to the surf pound the shore, feel the salty mist on my face and just be in tune with the universe. Such an odd effect it has on me. I am capable of tuning everything else out and be at peace. I value that so much that I normally try to go over at least once a quarter and just sit.

  2. Yeah, I'm sure I'll never see it again. Even though it was cheap, we really liked that car. We've got about a month to decide what we want next. The wife wants a prius. I drove a friends a few months ago and really liked it. Plus another friend of mine put well over 250,000 miles on his with next to no mechanical issues. And they get great gas mileage....we will see....

  3. Make no mistake....I am a petrol head through and through.....but occasionally one makes concessions to practicality!


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