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The Purpose of Life is Joy!!

Monday, April 24, 2017


Over the weekend, I decided to just trade this week. No sense in not pressing while I am winning. But I did decide to reduce size for a few days just in case though.

On another note, last Monday I implemented a daily program of positive affirmations regarding a few items I wanted to change in my life. This experiment was done in conjunction with my brother and we agreed to compare notes in one week.

The results of this test were remarkable.

I lost 2 pounds without any change in diet (we will see if this continues, probably just coincidence.) I experienced significant increased levels of energy, significantly better trading results, reduced anxiety regarding the future, etc.

I also made a donation to a YouTuber whose content I particularly enjoyed. Something I have never done in the past!

The long and short is this: I tried to do everything from a position of joy and happiness vs a position of worry, anger or fear. I have to say, this prior week has been one of the best I've had in a long time and its not just because of the great trading results. It's just a better way to live.

My brother reported similar results. Of course his positive affirmations were  different than mine and about different things but he to reported increased energy, less pain in a shoulder/wrist due to carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.

This week we intend to repeat the experiment and we will for another 2 weeks after this for a total of 4 weeks. Then we plan to look at the overall results and determine what to change, add to or subtract from this little foray into the metaphysical. Its been interesting so far and I'm looking forward to what comes next.

Trading was simple and straightforward this morning. Tiny loss offset by a 3RR win. I'd do this every day of the week and be happy.

Time to run. I have an MRI of my head this morning as part of the annual follow up process to the brain surgery I had a couple years ago. I really dislike this machine. I'm only inside it for 20 minutes but they put some sort of plastic device on me to hold my head perfectly still and that combined with the narrow confines of the MRI tube gives me the creeps so I have to take a mild sedative this morning before I go to allow me to get through the procedure. Good vibes and thoughts my way if you please!

Cheers and here's to choosing joy and happiness....may your day be filled with them!


  1. Hope the MRI went well! I had one as well a few years ago to try to find the cause of my aldosteronism (now under control) but claustrophobic experience!

    1. I was supposed to have it last week but couldn't take the claustropohia so they rescheduled and gave me some happy pills to take the edge of....I'm done with the procedure and still feeling the effects of the happy pills....

  2. I thought about it....but the happy pills they gave me really worked. Took the edge off enough to get through it without going stark raving mad. But so did the meditation techniques I learned this last week. Actually those helped a lot.


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