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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Scratch day.

Small risk, larger size full stop out + Large risk, small size, full target = scratch day.

Ok so it totally sucked today. Lots of sideways stuff. Stop runs in the oddest places, no stop runs where it looked like it there should be one.

I think I'm reasonably lucky to be out of the trading with no real damage.

As they say we get paid to wait.


  1. pretty much the same story here. guess it's just one of those days.

    wanted to comment on how you took the news stuff out of your feed. very commendable. the business itself is so stressful and just having more toxicity like that around you takes the little we have to work with to promote positivity. on that note though, glad to hear you are implementing positive affirmation programs in your life. i know people argue that it's cliche but i really do believe in being kind to yourself. after all, you and your family are all you've got, right?

    good luck tomorrow!

    1. Well the old ways weren't working out very well. Every successful person I know says you have to keep telling yourself what you want and the universe will give it to you....but I learned it goes well beyond that. You must believe it in your heart, to borrow a phrase. And that means you must feel as though what you want is already yours. That is the hard part. Believing with the heart is believing with the source of all feeling and emotion. If you feel it before you see it, you will see it. And THAT is what I am focused on now....feeling and seeing it before its "real".

    2. You are definitely on the right track Brian! When I started implementing these ideas, I started to see changes immediately. NLP is a big one too. You might be interested in "Abraham Hicks" and "The Secret" if you haven't found them already.

    3. I've seen both. I find value in both and some eccentricities as well. Coming from a Judeo-Christian background, I find things in most traditions and beliefs that reinforce my background beliefs. I'm learning that truth can be found in many places. There is truth everywhere. It's up to us to find an implement it in our lives.


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