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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Thoughts, Ideas and Creativity

I've been doing some work on my inner person lately. This has been an ongoing work for the last 6-7 years and I go through periods of time where I don't do any work on myself at all and then there are periods where I spend days and even weeks thinking about who I am, my purpose on this earth, how I can improve myself and my effectiveness as a person and a soul that occupies space on this planet.

Lately I have been thinking and talking about the creative power of our thoughts and words and how the universe responds to us....and something my brother said many years ago popped into my head.

He said "I cannot behave in a consistent manner in a way that is inconsistent with my dominant thought life. Thoughts are the birthplace of creation. Our words create life or death. Actions flow from words which flow from thoughts. I am constantly creating because I am God's creation. He is creative by nature and because I am created in his image, I am creative by nature. We create on purpose good or evil. Choose life!"

An example of this from my own recent life. A few weeks ago I did my annual review and goals/intentions for 2017. One of the most important things I wrote down was "I no longer use the word hate." I was constantly saying how much I hated this or that. My wife and daughter called me on it and I began listening to myself and I realized how many times a day I uttered that word. I realized using this word so often was in total conflict with my stated ideal of living in harmony with others and from a position of love. So I stopped. Just like that. I haven't used it since.

I've been thinking about these topics now for about 3 months pretty much constantly. I'm coming to terms with the power of these ideas and now I am beginning to turn my attention to implementing the ideas and concepts I'm learning and beginning to believe.

The ancient mystics knew something about the nature of the universe and how it worked. They just couldn't describe it in a way that made sense to their contemporaries and as a result, they were often marginalized and many times were killed for their ideas.

Today, science is beginning to affirm the ancient mystics teachings. Quantum physics is demonstrating things beyond the ability of mere mortals to understand and yet they are true nonetheless.

Here is a short video featuring none other than the Pet Detective himself, Jim Carey. Its about 5 minutes long but he articulates some simple basic truths I am beginning to just now believe on a level much deeper than ever. While I've always suspected these ideas had some substance, I never really put much credence to them. Now things are different. I'm not saying I understand or have even begun the process of implementing these ideas but I am close.

Please feel free to weigh in with your thoughts on this. I am open to listening to others ideas and suggestions.


  1. I would say that the technique is correct rather than the technique is true, because truth is the final. Intention and visualization is another form of prayer. The only difference is the style or technique or form used. Another format is in written goals. Once I wrote down I want 2 kids and certain type of wife and I put it away in a scroll..after about 12 years I discovered back the lost scroll and its exactly what I want ! ..

    1. I forgot to mention the written portion. Both my wife and I committed to writing out our goals and desires. It seems the act of writing them down causes them to come to pass. Very strange but seemingly true!


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