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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Sill short

Still a long way to go to close the gap from Monday but I think it might take a few more days and therefore I take my 30-40 ticks and be done for the day.

Today was pretty easy. Just sell the untested level, make sure my exit point is within reason and my bail out point isnt to far away just in case and go.

I was watching on all time frames but it was most obvious on the 1M chart which is where I took the trade and then monitored it on the 5M chart. It didnt need much monitoring as it went straight down from my entry point. That is the way I like a trade to work, quick and easy.

The weather is finally turning nice here and I am sitting outside trading on my iPad and drinking a lovely cup of coffee. Time for some meditation and then off to the "real" job!


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  1. Well, my streak is pretty short while you have been killing it! I've made equity highs all this week and it feels great but I feel like I haven't really locked in yet.


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