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Friday, October 14, 2016


Looooong days! The time is starting to run together and things are getting foggy. Can't seem to remember what day it is, what I have to do today, etc.....I hate these periods of life where everything seems to compress together without any defining boundaries to help define memories. The last time I went through this was with my mom's passing last year. This time its my dad. We're all taking turns pulling 24 hour shifts taking care of him. To be honest, its getting easier. His pain levels have dropped way down and he's slowly making some progress in being less dependent on us for every detail of life. BUT, we are nowhere close to being able to rest. In the meantime, I'm just running on sheer willpower.

Today and the next few days will tell the tale of how severe the chemo side effects are going to be. So far, none have manifested but that can change on a dime. Hopefully he has very few side effects but I'm not overly optimistic about that.

I've been trying to trade on the mornings where I've been able to sleep all night. Trading a single lot I've drawn down 1% over the last week or so. Today I made back some of that so far. The trading morning isn't over just yet so I may get another chance. The trading conditions have not been ideal for me so far or I've been out of sync with life and trading....probably both.

I missed a short at 50.92 this morning and got on board at .74....exited at yesterday's high....should have held it, its still going down. When I'm bored, I sometimes read other peoples journals....that is a mistake. Not doing that again. I happened to read the journal of a pretty successful trader this morning. He was long when I was short. My system said stay short...His said long. I second guessed myself.....not smart. The edge is based on repeatable patterns at key areas....I have no idea what his edge is based on or what his expectancy is.....therefore, it is ridiculously stupid to take someone elses idea and interrupt a perfectly good trade based on something you know nothing about. Never again.

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