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Monday, May 8, 2017

+3RR and Thoughts on You Tube

Today was a one and done day just the way I like it. The chart shows my thinking. The one thing it doesn't show is my entry logic for the actual trade. Simply put, it was the 50% pull back on the impulse spike up.

After taking some time to bask in the glory of the chart, take some time to peruse my thoughts on You Tube down below the trading chart. I've been using YT to help pass the time while waiting for the trades. This is a double edge sword and my discussion below demonstrates this fact.

And now the You Tube discussion. Well its more of a flow chart demonstrating the power of you tube. 


  1. garbage or gold?

    The Gunfighter (8 min short movie)

    1. That's nice but I usually go for something like this

  2. I think its around 90/10. I use Youtube to find product reviews, explore new ideas, meditation tracks, funny dogs to laugh at when I need a laugh and the occasional trading video although most of those are just crap. They do help with the patience issue though and that is a high purpose for me.


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