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Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Execution was ass backwards but the result was exactly (more or less) what I wanted. The more was that price did exactly what I thought it might do, the less was I scaled out of the position a bit early. It ended up a 2% day but could woulda shoulda been a 3.7% day.

A huge difference maker for me today was the stop, Instead of trying to keep it tight, I sized way down, opened the stop way up, and scaled into the  trade as price moved against me. The correct way would have been to wait for the second entry to be the first, the third to have been the second and the first to have been the third and last entry and then held the whole thing to T3. Instead I went in backward and scaled out to soon. Still I am happy with the overall result.

Single chart today....take a look at your 5M chart for the exact particulars.

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  1. to be honest, this post should be a lot more important to you than all the introspection you were doing recently, this is where the rubber meets the road

    and that is very imortant to your bottom line, by reverse engineering the mechanics

    once you starting getting your brain to think like that, you may find you automatically need less introspection

    advanced heuristics on its own......unconscious competence!


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